Monday, July 7, 2014

Camp is Busy

Have a seat and grab a cuppa and relax. I hope you all have had fun this summer so far. Hard to believe the year is half over. Time to start looking for Christmas gifts.

My word count so far 11,500. By the time you read this it will be higher. I am in a nice cabin and have four cabin mates who are writing their little hearts out. We have some who haven’t started yet. I hope they are OK. It can be scary to write 50,000 but it can be done. Just write, I say, edit after you get it down. OK, I am being nuts on spelling myself!

Princess is great. She and I do play daily and she got a new toy this weekend. I know poor thing has so few toys. You can laugh, I realize 50 pet toys might be a lot! Make that 51 now.

It is kind of lonely here. Erich my boss has moved from here. We miss him bunches.

So read this summer please.

        I still need a 
              diamond collar!

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