Thursday, June 26, 2014

Preparing for Camp

Grab a cuppa or iced tea and put your feet. It’s bloody hot here in Arizona. Princess and I are inside mostly so we play ball on the stairs and hall.

I have started gearing up for NaNo Writing Month Camp for July. We start July 1 and end July 31st at midnight. I will be writing the third story of the immortals I have been working on. Yes, there are ghosts in these stories, because there are ghosts in all our lives.

Erich the boss is moving and Princess and I have been helping him pack up. She is going to miss her brother so much. I will miss too he is a great conversationalist. He is very versatile on so many subjects. He is fun to exchange ideas with.

This summer no holiday or vacation plans and I am saving up for a fab ottoman. I save for things it makes what I save for much better.

I did at long last frame my Abbey Road Album by the Beatles. I got in England when it came out and it is very special to me. Yes, I do know all the words to the songs and embarrass the family by singing along. I have been told my voice sounds like a cat being run over by a lawn mover. Which is a very gross thought to me. I do love animals so much. Princess’s ears go back when I sing and she looks at me like quit you can’t sing, stop your hurting my ears. OH, well you can’t be good at everything.

So, now I am getting a cuppa and work on an outline for a short story. It popped in my head while doing dishes so it wants out. What are you doing this July? Reading anything cool?

Cheers for now.

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