Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Coffin Hop day 6

Coffin Hop day 6:

So onward with our tale, get cozy with your cuppa. You have many blogs to visit today.

They waved and said goodbye and floated off. Myron and I sat on the roof of the house and watched the fire department put out the fire. The firemen got the car out and then saw the creepy twins. They were burned some. The police walked over to them.

“Well, what have we got here?” The cop asked.

“Get lost,” They said.

“No, I can’t. You see you had a lot of gas cans and caused a big fire.” He said.

“It wasn’t us, it was our sister Sally,” They both said.

“Sure,” He said.

The emergency people came to check them out. They bandaged their arms and hands.

“Now lets go for a ride,” The cop said.


He and a lady cop handcuffed them at the same time. And put them in the police car.

“We need the hospital,” They said.

“Yeah, yeah as soon as the chief talks to you at the police station.”

I walked up to the police car and looked at them. they were talking without words again.

“Have fun riding in the police car again,” I said.

“We, will be back and get you,” They said.

Three police officers heard them say that. They all looked at them hard. I smiled at them and waved and went back up to the roof.

“You two got a whole hell of a lot of trouble coming your way,” The cop said to them.

We watched as they cleaned up the car mess and made sure no fires started. I saw them take the creepy twins to the station. 

“Myron, thank you for the help. How did you know?” I asked.

“I just had a feeling. Well, off to New York. I will see you in the summer,” he said.

I floated to the police station and watched as they put the twins in different cells. Betty started to cry and kept grabbing for Bobby’s hand.

The creepy twins had a long list of trouble that happened by them. Many murders, fires and stolen things. They also had a very creepy lawyer show up the next day. He talked to them quietly.

“I will do all the talking, you two just look sad and abused. After all you burned,” He said.

The creepy twins nodded. He gave each of them fresh clothes and toiletries to clean up. They were to be in front of a judge by 11 am.

They sat there holding hands and let the judge and lawyer talk. It was odd what he said to the judge.

“Your Honor, these two have suffered so much. First their father abandoned them here with mean grandparents. They sent them off to  the state mental hospital where they were not once but many times subjected to electric shocks. They were raped in the hospital and beaten. They came to see their family and had no idea the trunk was full of gas. They borrowed the car from a friend in Santa Fe. If they had known they would never had borrowed the car. They parked it and all of a sudden a wind, which I believe was a tornado, hit. The wind blew over the car and it ignited. They were terrified. Now look at them burned and not taken to a hospital.”

“I see two adult twins looking like they don’t care,” The Judge said.

“On the contrary they do. They are just scared.”

“So you two are scared. You should be. You both have a record longer than then my arm. Your lawyer here thinks you abused kids, piffle I know you two. You are ungrateful adults who have acted out for years.”

“Your Honor…”

“I am not done, hush. You are being charged with causing a public nuisance, due to the fact that property was not harmed only your car or who ever the car belongs to. You can pay them for it. You will be released and are never to return to this county got it?” The Judge asked.

They nodded their heads.

“Case closed, get lost and if you’re seen in this county after 2 pm today I will have you put in jail for loitering and contempt of court.  Am I understood?”

The creepy twins nodded. They stood up and walked out with their lawyer. He opened his car door for them and they took off out of town. 

I read later they had killed the lawyer. Both now in jail for life and it was the late 1960s so they were hanging out in crowed prisons apart. Betty screamed all the time and died two days later. Bobby died a week after that. Cause of death: fright. 

As for me I spend my time at the library and the house. Baby and Martin have retired and live in the house. They take trips in their huge RV. Every summer their grandkids visit. Six loud kids all having fun with cousins who visit. They have cookouts and parties all year around. Baby can still see me and we chat. Her eldest daughter sees me and I think her baby does. Hard to say I have only seen the baby once and she was six months old. I noticed I am not here all the time. I float in and out of time. Baby has grey hair now and her grandkids are teens...

The End


  1. Glad the twins finally got what was coming to them! Thanks for sharing the story!

  2. I enjoyed visiting you during the Coffin Hop. Nice story!