Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Coffin Hoppers

Happy Halloween.

And the winners are:

First place winner is:  A.F. Stewart 

Pick either Haunted Bedtime Stories or Three That Haunt.

Second place winner is: Georgia Morales

Please either DM on twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

You are all winners, after all you survived another year at Coffin Hop. Well, as I leave Coffin Hop this year I am headed to NaNoWrtMo for Nov. I will see you around.

Kitty and Princess



  1. Yay me! Thanks for making the Hop such a great event. I had a blast! And also, that's the cutest form to choose a winner!

    I'll contact you through Fb, too. Thanks again!
    Thanks again

  2. YAY Princess was pleased to pick the winners. She wants Coffin Hop every week. LOL