Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 4 of Coffin Hop

Coffin Hop day 4.

So on with our tale part four so grab your cuppa. Settle in and when you are done with this part go visit other blogs. 

The next day the wedding went off without the twins. They were a few blocks away watching. I saw Baby when she was changing for her honeymoon. 

“You look so beautiful. So much like Mom,” I said.

“Good you were there,” Baby said.

“Yes, so you’re off and then what?”

“Martin and I will honeymoon in Dallas and then off to England for a few years.”

“Wonderful, please send postcards weekly for Memaw and Pawpaw.”

“And you too,” She smiled.

“Yes please, have a wonderful life,” I said.

“Will I see you again?”

“I think so. Well, you get going your handsome Martin is waiting.”

“Bye Sally, I wish I could hug you. Thank you for taking care of me,” Baby said.

“I loved every minute of it,” I said.

Myron and I watched as Baby and Martin took off in his car. All their friends waved goodbye and threw birdseed. Rice was still to be eaten not thrown here. 

Memaw and Pawpaw settled in without her. She was gone a week and the twins showed up Sunday morning while Memaw and Pawpaw were at church. They walked through the house. They went to their old room and looked for something. They ate some of the wedding cake and walked out again.

I got a very bad feeling about that. I went out back to the cemetery and said hello to Mom. I saw roses on her grave and mine too. I looked up and down the street I saw the twins get in a car. It was black like them.

I floated down the street and saw them leave town. They were gone for good I hope. The fall came and then winter. I enjoyed watching the seasons pass by. Myron had gone but said he would be back in the summer.

Four winters later Memaw got the pneumonia and passed away. 
Baby and her husband returned for her funeral. Again the twins arrived in town. They stayed close by sitting down the street in a car. 

“I need to warn you. The twins are back,” I said to Baby.

“What, where are they?” She asked.

“In a car down the street. They are watching the house,” I said.

“OK, nice to see you.”

She went downstairs and told Martin that creepy people seemed to be driving around the house. He called the police. The police suggested they move along to another town. They left for now.

Pawpaw was around for a long time. I saw Baby return with three kids and Martin. Martin’s parents came over and they had a huge cookout. It looked so fun. The kids seemed to adore Pawpaw and him them.

The next spring Pawpaw joined Memaw. He passed of old age, he lived to be 100. Baby came back with her family to bury him next to Memaw.

“I will miss him,” I said.

“Me too. I am drawing out the tombstone now. So flowers and a heart or the 10 commandments?” She asked.

“The heart, I know Memaw was very religious but they loved each other more than anything,” I said.

“Heart it is with roses,” Baby said.

“Who are you talking to Mom?” A teenage girl asked.

“Myself. So what are you doing?” She asked.

“Dad said to tell you us kids are going with him to Grandma and Gramps house for a bit.”

“OK, Be polite and tell your brothers also to be for me,” Baby said.

“I will. Hi you look faded,” She was looking at me.

“Hello, I am your Aunt Sally,” I said.

“Mom you know Sally is standing here with you,” She said.

“I do indeed, she is my angel,” Baby said.

“Cool, later,” She said and walked away.

“She looks like you!” I said.

“Yes, and you,” Baby said.

“So will she tell everyone about me?” I asked.

“No, she saw you when she was little, many times and I said best not to tell the family. She agreed,” Baby said.

“Baby, lock the doors,” I said. I had a bad feeling.

I flew through the walls and saw the creepy twins. They were walking to the house. It was Baby’s house now, I saw the will. Baby did lock up the front of the house and closed the windows. She then locked the back door and closed up the windows. 

Stay tuned for part 4 tomorrow.


  1. I wonder what those evil twins have in store...

  2. The story is getting better every day and the twins are getting scarier! Can't wait to read tomorrow's installment!

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