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Happy Halloween Coffin Hoppers

Happy Halloween.

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Happy Halloween

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Coffin Hop 2014

Last day of Coffin Hop:

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Coffin Hop day 6

Coffin Hop day 6:

So onward with our tale, get cozy with your cuppa. You have many blogs to visit today.

They waved and said goodbye and floated off. Myron and I sat on the roof of the house and watched the fire department put out the fire. The firemen got the car out and then saw the creepy twins. They were burned some. The police walked over to them.

“Well, what have we got here?” The cop asked.

“Get lost,” They said.

“No, I can’t. You see you had a lot of gas cans and caused a big fire.” He said.

“It wasn’t us, it was our sister Sally,” They both said.

“Sure,” He said.

The emergency people came to check them out. They bandaged their arms and hands.

“Now lets go for a ride,” The cop said.


He and a lady cop handcuffed them at the same time. And put them in the police car.

“We need the hospital,” They said.

“Yeah, yeah as soon as the chief talks to you at the police station.”

I walked up to the police car and looked at them. they were talking without words again.

“Have fun riding in the police car again,” I said.

“We, will be back and get you,” They said.

Three police officers heard them say that. They all looked at them hard. I smiled at them and waved and went back up to the roof.

“You two got a whole hell of a lot of trouble coming your way,” The cop said to them.

We watched as they cleaned up the car mess and made sure no fires started. I saw them take the creepy twins to the station. 

“Myron, thank you for the help. How did you know?” I asked.

“I just had a feeling. Well, off to New York. I will see you in the summer,” he said.

I floated to the police station and watched as they put the twins in different cells. Betty started to cry and kept grabbing for Bobby’s hand.

The creepy twins had a long list of trouble that happened by them. Many murders, fires and stolen things. They also had a very creepy lawyer show up the next day. He talked to them quietly.

“I will do all the talking, you two just look sad and abused. After all you burned,” He said.

The creepy twins nodded. He gave each of them fresh clothes and toiletries to clean up. They were to be in front of a judge by 11 am.

They sat there holding hands and let the judge and lawyer talk. It was odd what he said to the judge.

“Your Honor, these two have suffered so much. First their father abandoned them here with mean grandparents. They sent them off to  the state mental hospital where they were not once but many times subjected to electric shocks. They were raped in the hospital and beaten. They came to see their family and had no idea the trunk was full of gas. They borrowed the car from a friend in Santa Fe. If they had known they would never had borrowed the car. They parked it and all of a sudden a wind, which I believe was a tornado, hit. The wind blew over the car and it ignited. They were terrified. Now look at them burned and not taken to a hospital.”

“I see two adult twins looking like they don’t care,” The Judge said.

“On the contrary they do. They are just scared.”

“So you two are scared. You should be. You both have a record longer than then my arm. Your lawyer here thinks you abused kids, piffle I know you two. You are ungrateful adults who have acted out for years.”

“Your Honor…”

“I am not done, hush. You are being charged with causing a public nuisance, due to the fact that property was not harmed only your car or who ever the car belongs to. You can pay them for it. You will be released and are never to return to this county got it?” The Judge asked.

They nodded their heads.

“Case closed, get lost and if you’re seen in this county after 2 pm today I will have you put in jail for loitering and contempt of court.  Am I understood?”

The creepy twins nodded. They stood up and walked out with their lawyer. He opened his car door for them and they took off out of town. 

I read later they had killed the lawyer. Both now in jail for life and it was the late 1960s so they were hanging out in crowed prisons apart. Betty screamed all the time and died two days later. Bobby died a week after that. Cause of death: fright. 

As for me I spend my time at the library and the house. Baby and Martin have retired and live in the house. They take trips in their huge RV. Every summer their grandkids visit. Six loud kids all having fun with cousins who visit. They have cookouts and parties all year around. Baby can still see me and we chat. Her eldest daughter sees me and I think her baby does. Hard to say I have only seen the baby once and she was six months old. I noticed I am not here all the time. I float in and out of time. Baby has grey hair now and her grandkids are teens...

The End

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Coffin Hop day 5

Coffin Hop day 5.

Ready for the tale, got your cuppa and comfy? You have many blogs to visit today.

The creepy twins tried the front door and windows. Baby had gone upstairs to unpack the kids things. I saw that she and Martin had a nice room here. They had added another bathroom too.

I watched them they went to the back of the house. Locked up tight. creepy twins didn’t speak just nodded to each other.  Each went to get large rocks in the garden.

“No, you will go away,” I said.

They stopped and looked at me. They were pale and the black coats made them look paler. They looked at each other and said nothing.

“I said go. Do you really want trouble?” I asked.

“You are dead, you ate the poison sandwich,” They said together.

“Well, I am dead but I have powers,” I said.

They looked at each other and shook their heads. They bent down and  were trying to grab large rocks. I took a huge breath and blew as hard as I could.

“Stop it,” They said.

“No,” I said and blew even harder.

First Betty fell over and then Bobby. I then blew the tree at them. It fell across them hard. Bobby looked at Betty and saw she was crying.

“You hurt her,” He said.

“I did and you’re next,” I said.

Bobby tired to move the tree. As he did I kept blowing it on him. It finally hit him in the head hard. He was out cold, Betty was staring at me. 

“I will get you for this,” she said.

“No, I got you two. Go away, never ever come back,” I said.

They didn’t answer. Betty helped Bobby up and they walked to the gate to go out front. I knew it wasn’t the end of them. I followed as they got in the car down the street. They drove off for now.

Baby and her family got the tombstone up for Memaw and Pawpaw. the planted rose bushes on both sides of it. Martin had installed a irrigation system for all the plants. The locked up the house and went home.

I was alone for the first time in my life. I walked around the house feeling lost. I went to the library to read and watched the train station close up for good. I saw many ghosts walk through the town. It was quiet here now. Most of the people had gone and had to drive to Roswell for things.

This went on for a very long time to me. I saw clothes change and music turn all rock and roll. I roamed the town at night and watched the people.

It was fall again and saw them back. The creepy twins, older but still creepy and in the same black car. Myron was standing by me I noticed.

“Well, should that car flip over?” Myron asked.

“Maybe, lets see where they go,” I said.

We followed and they parked in front of the family house. They opened the trunk and it was full of gas cans.

“I think they need to rethink this. They need to be reminded too,” I said.

“They do. I say hurricane wind and my friends agree,” Myron said.

Standing behind us were so many ghosts. I smiled and nodded.

“On three,” I said.

“One, two, three,” Myron said.

All at once we all blew hard. The car flipped over on it’s roof. The gas cans all fell out and broke open. The creepy twins were soaked in gas and mad. They tried to flip the car back over. Something sparked and I blew lightly again and fire started. It set them on fire and they ran to the yard to roll. The car blew up, the car parts fell all over the street. Next we heard sirens racing toward us.

“My goodness Sally your brother and sister seem in distress,” Myron said.

“Sure does. Well, looks like the fire department is coming,” I said.

“Police too,” He said.

“Thank you all so much,” I said to the ghosts.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 4 of Coffin Hop

Coffin Hop day 4.

So on with our tale part four so grab your cuppa. Settle in and when you are done with this part go visit other blogs. 

The next day the wedding went off without the twins. They were a few blocks away watching. I saw Baby when she was changing for her honeymoon. 

“You look so beautiful. So much like Mom,” I said.

“Good you were there,” Baby said.

“Yes, so you’re off and then what?”

“Martin and I will honeymoon in Dallas and then off to England for a few years.”

“Wonderful, please send postcards weekly for Memaw and Pawpaw.”

“And you too,” She smiled.

“Yes please, have a wonderful life,” I said.

“Will I see you again?”

“I think so. Well, you get going your handsome Martin is waiting.”

“Bye Sally, I wish I could hug you. Thank you for taking care of me,” Baby said.

“I loved every minute of it,” I said.

Myron and I watched as Baby and Martin took off in his car. All their friends waved goodbye and threw birdseed. Rice was still to be eaten not thrown here. 

Memaw and Pawpaw settled in without her. She was gone a week and the twins showed up Sunday morning while Memaw and Pawpaw were at church. They walked through the house. They went to their old room and looked for something. They ate some of the wedding cake and walked out again.

I got a very bad feeling about that. I went out back to the cemetery and said hello to Mom. I saw roses on her grave and mine too. I looked up and down the street I saw the twins get in a car. It was black like them.

I floated down the street and saw them leave town. They were gone for good I hope. The fall came and then winter. I enjoyed watching the seasons pass by. Myron had gone but said he would be back in the summer.

Four winters later Memaw got the pneumonia and passed away. 
Baby and her husband returned for her funeral. Again the twins arrived in town. They stayed close by sitting down the street in a car. 

“I need to warn you. The twins are back,” I said to Baby.

“What, where are they?” She asked.

“In a car down the street. They are watching the house,” I said.

“OK, nice to see you.”

She went downstairs and told Martin that creepy people seemed to be driving around the house. He called the police. The police suggested they move along to another town. They left for now.

Pawpaw was around for a long time. I saw Baby return with three kids and Martin. Martin’s parents came over and they had a huge cookout. It looked so fun. The kids seemed to adore Pawpaw and him them.

The next spring Pawpaw joined Memaw. He passed of old age, he lived to be 100. Baby came back with her family to bury him next to Memaw.

“I will miss him,” I said.

“Me too. I am drawing out the tombstone now. So flowers and a heart or the 10 commandments?” She asked.

“The heart, I know Memaw was very religious but they loved each other more than anything,” I said.

“Heart it is with roses,” Baby said.

“Who are you talking to Mom?” A teenage girl asked.

“Myself. So what are you doing?” She asked.

“Dad said to tell you us kids are going with him to Grandma and Gramps house for a bit.”

“OK, Be polite and tell your brothers also to be for me,” Baby said.

“I will. Hi you look faded,” She was looking at me.

“Hello, I am your Aunt Sally,” I said.

“Mom you know Sally is standing here with you,” She said.

“I do indeed, she is my angel,” Baby said.

“Cool, later,” She said and walked away.

“She looks like you!” I said.

“Yes, and you,” Baby said.

“So will she tell everyone about me?” I asked.

“No, she saw you when she was little, many times and I said best not to tell the family. She agreed,” Baby said.

“Baby, lock the doors,” I said. I had a bad feeling.

I flew through the walls and saw the creepy twins. They were walking to the house. It was Baby’s house now, I saw the will. Baby did lock up the front of the house and closed the windows. She then locked the back door and closed up the windows. 

Stay tuned for part 4 tomorrow.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Coffin Hop Day 3

Coffin Hop day 3:

So are you cozy and have a cuppa? Get ready part three of my tale. Don’t forget to visit the other Coffin Hop blogs as well. Here is the Coffin Hop Facebook page too
Part 3:

                                       Dust Bowl

I stayed put mostly in New Mexico. Baby grew up and I next remember seeing her in her room. She was looking at one of my old books.

“You will like that book,” I said.

“I know. I have read it twice,” Baby said.

“So what is you favorite book?” I asked. 

“I love all of Steinbeck’s work,” Baby answered.

“I have read some of his things in the library,” I said.

“So are you my guardian angel or something?” Baby asked.

“I guess so. How old are you now?” I asked.

“I am 17 and I graduated from high school this spring,” she said.

“Lucky you. I loved school,” I said.

“The Twins hated it. I wonder if they will ever come home,” She said.

“I have no idea,” I said.

“You know they are in a mental hospital,” She said.

“Yes, I didn’t know that Memaw and Pawpaw told you,” I said.

“No, they didn’t. I read about it in the newspaper at the library,” She said.

Baby went back to reading the book. I faded through the wall and saw Memaw cooking. The next time I saw Baby she was working in the train station at the cafe.

“Hi, I sure wish I could eat that pie,” I said.

“I bet, I like this job. You get to see people from all over here. I am going to secretarial school at night too,” Baby said.

“Good for you. I am very proud of you,” I said. 

I watched her graduate from secretarial school. A young man in a military uniform was there. He was an officer in the Air Force. I noticed a ring on her finger, a pretty diamond set in gold. I figured she was alright and no harm could come to her.

I floated to the train station and saw Myron. We walked around town and down the main drag and who did we see.

“Creepy twins,” Myron said.

“I thought they were in the hospital,” I said.

We just watched them for a distance and they didn’t see us. I wondered if they could even. They were now in their 20s and looked the same, white hair and pale skin. Both had red marks on the side of their foreheads. They dress alike too, black jackets and white shirts. Betty had a black skirt on and black hose and shoes. Bobby had black pants and shoes on. They held hands and swung them back and forth as they walked. They were headed to my grandparents house.

“Myron want to see my family?” I asked.

“I would like that. I see the twins are on the way too,” He said.

The creepy twins walked to Memaw and Pawpaw’s street. They stood on the corner there watching the house. They just stood there staring not speaking a word.

“So what do you think they are up to?” I asked.

“Besides no good, I say they want revenge,” Myron said.

“Can you help me keep an eye on them?” I asked.

“Yes, I can.”

We watched them for days it seemed. I went to the house and saw what was up. Baby was getting married and and Memaw was fitting her gown. Pawpaw was taking care of the roses for her wedding the next day.

“Myron, Baby is getting married. I saw her in her gown so pretty,” I said.

“So the twins may want to crash the wedding. I don’t think they were invited,” He said.

Tomorrow part 4.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 2 of Coffin Hop

Day 2 of Coffin Hop: 

Grab a cuppa for part two. So are you ready for part two? How do you like the Coffin Hop blogs so far? Go visit Keep reading them bahahaha

Part 2 Dust Bowl

So my body headed back to their house. I was worried about Mom. I mean she was expecting and her ankles were swollen, the dark circles under her eyes. So I hopped a ride with them. Pawpaw made quick time of it. I wanted to check on her and those creepy twins. Mom sat there just sobbing and the twins were quiet sitting there staring at her. Every now and again they exchanged looks. I swear they talk without speaking. 

The preacher came the next day and they buried my boy by my Uncle Henry. He was the youngest and had died of scarlet fever when he was ten. He wasn’t here I looked for him. My burial service took five minutes. Micky howled when the preacher was done. Pawpaw planted a rose bush at my feet. I didn’t get a stone for six years.

I stuck around and watched the twins so Mom could rest. Well, that’s how I looked at it. Memaw made sure Mom got rest and ate well. The twins played in the back yard most of the time. They also looked like they were plotting. Well, they always did. Micky mostly stayed near me. It was quiet and Mom needed it.

Mom delivered a baby girl on time. She was blonde and blue eyes and very pretty. Memaw was thrilled and the twins couldn't care less. Micky was happy he had a new person to watch. When everything seemed settled and Mom was on her feet again I took off.

My first ride was on the bumper of a car. It was a young married couple headed to Santa Fe. I got off and floated down the road. I had places to see. Well, that was the plan.

My first night I sat and watched the stars and moon. I also saw ghosts float by me. There was a couple dressed like it was the 1880s. They floated past me chatting away. I saw a gun slinger or a want to be one. He was young and a mess. His shirt was blood soaked and his face was scraped up. I saw Indians dressed in beautiful burial outfits too.

I started to float to Flagstaff. I liked the pine trees they smelled so nice and not of dust. I saw prospectors and saloon girl with an axe in her head. Ghosts walking around outside of town and in town not all looking so good. In the morning I saw it was a ghost town. It was full of ghost people. I floated just past Flagstaff and it was empty.

I decided to go on to California and see the ocean. I walked and hit a wall, an invisible wall. I feel back and landed on my bottom but it didn’t hurt. 

“Hello dear, you can’t go any further. It’s because you can’t go any further than where you have been,” a Saloon lady said.

“I can go back but not forward,” I said.

“Yes, it seems so unfair I know,” The Old Priest said.

“How far can you go?” I asked.

“Well, I was born in South Carolina and can float all the way there,” The Saloon lady said.

“I can go all the way home to Spain. I came out here with the conquistadors. I also can go to Italy,” The Old Priest said.

“So I can go back the way I came and back here,” I said.

“Yes, don’t look so down. You have a nice road and many people pass by,” The Saloon lady said.

“Thank you,” I said.

I started to float back to Memaws. I saw a few other ghosts as well. Some looked like very old and some young. They just floated along. I also saw some very bad things. I saw car wrecks, war dead and old Indians who had been killed. It wasn’t pretty. When I got to Memaws the creepy twins had grown so much and the baby walked. 

The twins looked at me, well, through me. They did their twin chat and walked away.  The baby was was talking as well. She asked me who I was. I think she saw me for real. I left and headed home to our house in Oklahoma.

The dust covered most of the doorway. I didn’t need it but slipped in and saw everything covered in dust. Most of furniture was gone the floor had an inch of dust. Upstairs I saw a mouse, he had died and was dusty small lump on the floor. I looked out the window and saw another dust storm coming in. No one was in town now, everyone had gone.

I saw a few ghosts like me wandering around looking lost. Many had lost their lives in the dust storms, they were covered in dust. I went back out to talk to them.

“Are you from here?” I asked a lady.

“No, I was passing by and a dust storm tossed our car over and over. They died, my whole family in this horrible dust,” She said.

“I am sorry. Are your family ghosts like us?” I asked.

“I am not a ghost. I am walking home,” She said.

I watched her float off into the dust storm. The dust bowl lasted for years. I saw many on the road here at home. I saw small kids who had died from the dust. They inhaled too much of it. 

When I returned to New Mexico Memaw and Pawpaw were burying my mother. The creepy twins were teenagers now. They look so grave and scary. The baby was now school age. 

“I wish your father could have been here,” Pawpaw said to the kids.

“He is not coming back ever again,” The twins said together.

“No, he is working,” Memaw said.

The twins turned and walked away. The looked even more creepy than ever. I followed them the down the street. Bobby and Betty walked to the train station and I watched them pick pockets. As travelers passed by they took the wallets of people who couldn’t afford to lose a penny.

I was very angry with them and told them to stop it.

“They can hear you. Just not going to stop,” a voice said.

“Hello, and you would be?” I asked.

“Good afternoon, I am Myron and like you I am a ghost. As for these two they need a strong lesson,” Myron said.

“What do you suggest?” I asked.

“Wind, just enough to knock them off their feet and the money fly,” Myron said.

“We can’t do that, or can we?” I asked.

“We can do a great deal. Just stand with me and we will blow at them. They will fall,” He said.

We floated near them and blew. At first their clothes fluttered. Then their clothes moved, and one last big breath they fell over and the wallets flew about like a tornado. People were staring at them.

“That is my wallet!” A man yelled.

Many others joined in and all the wallets were returned to their owners. The Twins sat on a bench handcuffed, both of them were red in the face mad. It was the first time they had any colour. They were staring at Myron and me.

“Oh they see us,” Myron said.

“Good, they have always been creepy kids. I never trusted them when they were little. Things always disappeared around them,” I said.

“So they are your little brother and sister. I died in 1901 when my new wife poisoned me. I know what it is like to be betrayed,” Myron said.

“I died laying on a mattress on top of the family truck. I have just wandered around, well, as far as I can,” I said.  

“I ride the train back to New York City and take ships to Europe and once in a while I come here where I died,” He said.

“Can you go past here?” I asked.

“No, I like you am limited to where I have been,” He said.

We sat and watched the twins be taken away by the sheriff. My poor grandparents. 

Myron got on a train and disappeared. So I spent my days haunting the twins as they sat in jail. I can say I enjoyed that. The baby, she was getting so tall and asked Memaw what happened to me.

“Well, sugar she died. No reason, just did. We can bring her flowers tomorrow,” Memaw said.

“We can see your Mom too,” Pawpaw said.

“I would like that. What is going to happen to the twins?” she asked.

“They are going to live with many other children. It’s a nice safe place for them,” Pawpaw said.

I saw the paperwork on the top of the china cupboard. It was a home alright called The State Mental Hospital.  I had heard about those not where you want to go. Most of these hospitals were abuse centers for evil care givers. They liked to use electric shock on people in them. I was in fear of them.

Part 3 tomorrow.