Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Short stuff, wild ghosts, blogs and bad weather.

I have been very busy. In the last two weeks I have gotten three stories done and off to be edited. I became an official company with my son and managed to keep thinking. One of the things you do a lot of when you write is think. I think ghosts are running wild in my head some days.  I do outlines in my head, a rough draft on paper and then to the computer to polish it.
I haven't had the time I like to read many blogs. Like you I have a life as well. It is spring still for most of you me its summer 90s F. So during the summer I get most of my heavy writing done. Its just too hot to go out and do much.
This spring has been a sad one, so many have lost their lives due to bad weather. My thoughts are with these people and I wish them and their pets well. If you can give them anything please do. Don't forget the pet food our little four legged kids need to eat as well. Just check out anyone who wants money.
Good news soon I hope from Draven Ames. Show him some love follow him on twitter @DravenAmes. He is a nice family man. One of many who have been so kind to me on twitter.
Say hi to me on twitter I have my coffee in the morning reading news and chatting up friends. Say Hi and I will talk back. So what are you reading now? Do you have a suggestion for a good scary movie?


  1. Thanks for clearing up how you novelists go about writing a book. Always figured there were at least two very different ways: The outline, and the go-where-your-imagination-takes-you, and I suppose some combination of those two. Thanks for the friendly chat, it makes me feel like I'm kinda part of your family. Good luck on the latest book.

  2. Good suggestions for a scary movie? Hmmmm. I liked the Monsters movie, but some people didn't get the ending. Exam was okay. Hole is good. The Children was excellent. There are so many good ones.

    I hope you get some fans on you. 90 degrees is just the beginning. Hope your next book goes well.

    Draven Ames