Sunday, May 15, 2011

The ghosts want to be written

This week I have learned so much. Mostly that I follow a lot of good people. I was asked why I say nothing political. Hmmm good question, many reasons, I don't wish to offend anyone. Beside someday I will take over the world and want all to love me. HA HA HA HAA Evil laughing here.
I have worked on the short blog, I have worked on short stories book. I lost a bit so I need to re-do much. The ghosts want to be heard badly. So do you like the idea of an extra story on either a book or ebook? It's a thought we have had around here. I have had the whip cracked by Cheri and Francy today. Yes, I am writing. I also have to do some research for things in my story. I hate reading books that the writer hasn't a clue about things they write. I still need about five more hours a day or no sleep.
This week I will get two stories on the flash drive for editing. I hope to have all the short stories on the flash drive by the end of the month. So if editing goes well and timely I can get this out so I don't get yelled at! I can only write so fast.
I have met a few new people also. I met Morgaine, who is writing a great story. I see her as another Stephanie Meyers. Her story I can see taking off into a serial.  She has a great imagination. English is her second language but she is doing very well. I hope she keeps up the great work.
I saw the Black Swan at long last. Yes, it is a real psychological thriller. Very creepy up to the end. I love a good story and this was one.
This is the mini blog, have a look let know what you think. 


  1. Hi thanks for the mention and the compliment. I feel very honoured :-) *blush* I will be around....

  2. Very nice of you to comment on her like that. Also, good luck on the stories. But don't let anyone yell at you.

    Draven Ames