Friday, May 6, 2011

New computer, writing, cool story and Royal Wedding.

I have a new computer now. The family bought it for me as a Birthday/Mother's Day gift. My PC had been acting up for about 2 months. The battery just died and it was so hot even a cool pad didn't help it. Poor old thing got so hot it quit. So now I am getting used to this new one. Its nice I can read on it. The screen is bright so I hope to get loads of work done. Funny I have killed two computers in six years. I hope this one lasts!
I need to get a few things off the old computer. I did work on a ghost story today. I save my work on a flash so if anything goes wrong... I have a lot of work time to make up for.
I was going to do this earlier today but got lost in a short story by Stephen King in The Atlantic magazine. The story is Herman Woulk is Still Alive. Its a sad tale but you can see how it could be so real. You see these people daily no matter where you live. Some may feel its a stereotype, to me you see this in life. Check it out if you're a King fan.
Did you stay up or get up to see the Royal Wedding? I did. Yes I am a royalist. It was just beautiful with trees in Westminster Abbey. I have been there a few times, you walk on history as you tour the building. Below are some pictures I took the last time I was there. The poets, writers, Kings and Queens are there to see. If you get to London, go see it.
So what are you reading?

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  1. And another hi :-)
    I am reading "The Yacoubian Building" from Alaa al Aswany. It is for the International Reading group in Norwich which I take part in. It is too much erotic for my taste but the description of Egyptian life and the characters are great.

    By the way I was working while William and Kate got married but I saw the trees. I want some too if I ever get married :-)) but maybe a smaller church!