Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome Back to 2012 Coffin Blog Hop

Welcome back to Coffin Blog Hop. This year you will have some new writers meet. You will also get to revisit some you meet last year who have prizes to give. They may have a few tales to tell as well. So grab a cup of tea and lets go hopping.

Well, I would like to tell you about some ghosts that roam the halls of the San Carlos Hotel in Phoenix Arizona. If you read the online brochure you think it's a posh boutique hotel in a lovely downtown area. It is that and yet more. Beyond the lovely rooms each different and unique there are ghosts.

The San Carlos became a hotel March 20th 1928 it was the first hotel in the American South West with Air Conditioning and you got it for an extra one dollar a day. It had an elevators too. It has been the hub for the elite, social, political and Hollywood stars. Many of the top stars stayed there. Like Mae West and the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. Not only the ladies but Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart stayed here. 

The San Carlos Hotel was also built over an old school site. This school had a well dug in 1874, in the basement which is now capped. When it was a school it wasn’t capped off. So there was three little boys who drowned in. Now it's said that you can hear them playing ball down there still.

It seems that in 1928 a young woman named Leone Jensen jumped off the roof. They she was jilted by a bellman. I hear she appears at the foot of beds and fade to the hall. She seems to favor mens beds.

Now I have yet to spend the night here. This is on my list to do the first of the year. I hope I can see Leone. Sadly the Ghost Lounge is being remodeled and I couldn’t have a drink. I look forward to checking this all out in person. Haunted or not it seems like the perfect place to stay in downtown Phoenix. Anyone want to join in?

Well, its time to hop come back and I will tell you about Chicksands, UK and a nice ghosts I took a picture of.

Hop off to see my dear friends and fellow hoppers. Start with http://dimestorenovel.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-haunted-train-ride-coffinhop.html

Yes, I will have a Prize to give as well. Keep coming back to find out what's in the goodie bag. BAHAHAHA


  1. You can't beat a haunted hotel with history.

  2. Interesting post--I like reading about local folklore and ghost stories. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Haunted Hotels--how fun! So long as I'm not staying there... Love the phtos!

  4. I LOVE this!
    If you live anywhere the Catskills you might want to visit Mohonk Mountain House. www.mohonk.com
    Gorgeous spa and supposed to be haunted. I've stayed there several times and it is gorgeous and creepy. have fun and happy hopping :)

  5. I have been there to eat and I go through it every Halloween season. Never stayed there goofy husband is scared! Lol I talked to many employees some say they see a faint clear sglimpse of a woman in a dress from the 20's. Others reported seeing fading Marilyn Monroe and reported hearing voices of children laughing in the basement. Poor souls trapped can't pass over.