Sunday, October 17, 2010


My last post was an essay. A short one I am trying out for a newspaper. I was hoping for comments either you stink or not bad. Thankful one friend did comment. I do write everyday some sort. I am working on a character she is not an easy one to write. My second book is not as easy to write as my first. It seems I have more interruptions now a days. I do hope my two short stories on here are interesting to others. If they are creepy even better. My travels this summer have helped me, it gave me ideas for bits of what I am working on now. My son said I needed a counter so I would stop saying no one reads my blog. Prove him right please. I have worked on my hobby. I have a Halloween Village, I love fall its such a beautiful time of the year.
Well its off to dream land for me.

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