Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween and Guy Fawkes

Its that time of year Halloween and then Guy Fawkes day. This weekend I will dress up for Halloween and enjoy my village. I hope you all have a fun weekend.
Guy Fawkes day is also called Bon Fire night. As a kid we built huge dolls to burn last year I made a small one. Well this year because my son is home I will build a large one again. Remember the 5th of Nov.... so I won't tell my son about it again. He is fascinated by British politics today. I fear if I did he would roll his eyes and say Mum you have told me this for years. As an adult he loved visiting Parliament with me and watching a session of the House of Commons in progress. It was cool to see. I don't think you can do that here in America. I have never heard of anyone sitting in on Congress to just to watch.
You can see wall hangings from Henry VIII its a beautiful building. The Parliament building it self is so full of history. Its one of those places if wall could talk. I wouldn't be surprised if a few ghost aren't walking about. I visited it as a child it's still as beautiful as ever. I am so glad I went.
So if you were in London would you sit in on the House of Commons?

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