Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday afternoon on the Thames River.

 Looking southwest along the Thames River, under the Hungerford Bridge at the iconic Big Ben and Parliament.
                                                                London, Great Britain
London is a city to walk. This is my favorite activity in London.  To me the best has always been walking along the Thames River.  This is my favorite activity in London.  When walking up and down the river you have the feeling as if you walking through history. You will see history from the Tudors, Queen Victoria, World War II and today. If you enjoy people watching, you can see and meet people from all over the world. The Westminster area is the center of British government. You see Parliament and Westminster Abby next to each other. Just a short walk over the Westminster Bridge you will be at the London Eye and the London Aquarium.  Along the river, you can sit down to lunch and view history. While enjoying lunch, you can see the street artists. You will also see some truly wonderful chalk paintings of the great masters on the sidewalk. There are also many musicians performing some beautiful Classical music. There are many boats going up and down the river.  Some are ferries or barges and others are tourist boats. I would suggest after a week of touring London and the wonderful sites of Great Britain a relaxing day on the Thames. My last trip was this past September; this is when I took this picture of the River. Sunday afternoon on the river is truly a relaxing way to end viewing an epic country.


  1. Nice Post Kitty...so happy your time at home was special. I know you would love to be home more often, so here is to your writing skills -may they give you the funds to be bi-country...xo @MissBusyBiz and mum

  2. "London Belongs to Me" is a book you should try and get! The River Thames at night of one of the most romantic places I know! London is a city which one can enjoy to the full without actually spending any money. So many nooks and crannies to explore!!

  3. I know thats one of the many reasons I love it. I can't wait to return. I may not come back here. LOL
    Thanks for the comment it means a lot to me. As a Londoner you know why I love this epic city.