Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Friends Favorite Animal Charity's

Happy Christmas to you all. I wanted to share with you my friends and mine favorite Animal charity's Let's not forget our four legged friends this holiday season. As an animal lover and rescuer I don't forget them. Sadly so many beautiful animals need homes, food and toys if you can help or know anyone who can please pass on my blog. Please say Hi to me and show me your beautiful pets. As most of you know I love my Princess to bits. Yes, she is spoiled rotten but I call it loved. No I will not adopt you, LOL been ask many times.

Yes, I have written some. I am working on short story I plan to finish this week. Its partly for a friend of mine she inspired it. It is a ghost story. Not too scary as of yet but who knows it could turn dark quick. Charles Dickens wrote one every year. A Christmas Carol was a good ghost story. I guess that's a very Victorian thing, gone with Christmas puzzles and caroling. So who out there has written a Christmas story? Is it scary?

So here are some great Charity's and Pet product people to support.


                                         Merry Christmas, I hope it's filled with love.

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  1. Very nice blog. I hope the writing is coming out good on the Christmas story. I just put a Christmas scene in a story that paced through a bunch of years. I also like all the donation organizations you have added. When I get a dog, it will be rescued. I want an old pug, when I can keep one.

    Draven Ames