Monday, December 13, 2010

Nice people.

Well we all keep hearing about the lack civility, sadly it's true. Then you get on twitter and if lucky met many lovely people. I guess this is why many agents when sent a query letter never answer. They just don't have manors. I have heard many say they post out letter's never to hear a word. It's sad they can't even e-mail them if they don't want to spend 47 cents to say nicely sorry not at this time. If this has happened to you, believe me it's them not you. Maybe this is one reason why I am thinking being an Indy writer is good. If your doing all the work you should get 95% of the money. Still I would strongly would tell any writer don't quit! Keep going. Most of the writers I have met on twitter are so talented and I will be the first to tell them don't quit. Myself I keep plugging along. I hope someday to make a living writing until then I will keep writing. Who knows maybe someday my grand children will cash in on it.
In the mean time I am working on turning my Book in to an e-book. I am also working on short story's for a book of them. I so love Stephen Kings Novellas and 'Needful Things' that is one of my favorite books. They are like bedtime stories for grown ups. I have just gotten 'Full Dark, No Stars' please no spoilers of it for me.
Like I said I have met some lovely writers on twitter. One was kind enough to say he would like to talk about working together on a blog post. Jeff thank you. Please follow his blog at http : //  thewritingbomb . blogspot .com  I think he has talent. So does a another writer you should follow is Draven Ames, you can find a link to his blog on my Facebook page.
If your a writer please say Hi and give me your blog address. Thanks for following my blog, comment anytime.
Do you like e-books? Do you prefer a paperback book?


  1. Hi Blondie
    My Friend @cari_tx has a blog where she writes book reviews

  2. Soozil whats her blog? Pass on mine pls! Thanks.