Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Holidays again.

The holiday season is here again. I have been inundated with request for my Princess's address for gifts. Please give gifts of toys and food to your local animal shelter. My Princess is just that a Princess. I don't hang lights on my house. I have met a writer who's blog I read, so spot on to me about the holidays. Then again he as well writes on the dark side. I have managed to get the holiday cards done. I am behind this year doing that.
Now as for my writing I had a few days I couldn't write anything that made sense. Friday the words started to fly, now to go back to edit. I seem to forget words when I get going to fast. Well I have a few what I think are good ideas for short stories. Sometimes what I think will be short comes out long. We will see.
Oh was just reminded, yes I have cut about 6.5 inches of my hair. The hair goes to charity and I can grow more to go as well. My dear stylist made my hair look so pretty, yea I couldn't repeat the look that well. Maybe in time it will. Princess says lets have breakfast and she has finished off my coffee.
What writers Blogs do you enjoy and could you please share with me and those who kindly read my blog?

Can you stop & eat now.


  1. A blog that I enjoy is The World of Edgar Allan Poe. You can check it out at

  2. BiSoxAmy, Thanks! I will check it out. Hope you enjoy my blog.