Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Full of short Stories now.

Well I have been writing this short story. It just came out so I write. If the spirit moves me to write a story I do. I seem to have a few in me lately. I hope I can put out a short story book next fall. I also think I may ask a new writer I have met to put in a story.
This week I am finishing off all holiday chores. I plan on painting a wall in the dinning room to surprise the family. My special gift to them, I do the work. I have enjoyed having my son home mostly. I know soon he will go away to work and grad school and I will miss him. My son is also helping with e-book things. Keep your fingers crossed we can get this done soon.
Please feel free to follow me on twitter. @KittyCorgi. Remember if you ask me to RT your blog please follow me and do the same for me. I enjoy meeting new people this weeks new friend is in Scotland. Hi shashwa  hope your snow has let up.
I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading my blog. Do you want lots ghost stories in a book of short stories?


  1. I didn't know you had your own twitter account!!! I can't believe Princess Gwenie lets you use the computer ;) We will go find you now! E-book is a great idea! -Puppy the Guinea Pig

  2. I'm always up for guest blogging, so if you want an original guest post or an original short-story, I'd be glad to contribute. Just say the word...or blog it for that matter. I just followed you, so I'll be watching. Later.

    Jeff Bennington
    Author - Killing the Giants