Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween and Guy Fawkes

Its that time of year Halloween and then Guy Fawkes day. This weekend I will dress up for Halloween and enjoy my village. I hope you all have a fun weekend.
Guy Fawkes day is also called Bon Fire night. As a kid we built huge dolls to burn last year I made a small one. Well this year because my son is home I will build a large one again. Remember the 5th of Nov.... so I won't tell my son about it again. He is fascinated by British politics today. I fear if I did he would roll his eyes and say Mum you have told me this for years. As an adult he loved visiting Parliament with me and watching a session of the House of Commons in progress. It was cool to see. I don't think you can do that here in America. I have never heard of anyone sitting in on Congress to just to watch.
You can see wall hangings from Henry VIII its a beautiful building. The Parliament building it self is so full of history. Its one of those places if wall could talk. I wouldn't be surprised if a few ghost aren't walking about. I visited it as a child it's still as beautiful as ever. I am so glad I went.
So if you were in London would you sit in on the House of Commons?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just Thinking.

Well I got stuck on my writing. As I was looking at my holiday pictures I had an idea. So I may run with it for a while. I love to walk so when I visit any city walking is what I do. Here in Tucson its rather hard to walk. First you must drive everywhere. Public transportation is rubbish here. Also there are no good bus route near me. I can't even catch a bus from my neighborhood. So I drive to where I want to see or experience the atmosphere. I found there isn't much to see or do on foot here.
So this is why I wrote the essay on the river walk in London. I miss the go out the door and just walk. I was wondering who else misses walking. So do you miss walking or something else from home or your childhood?

                                                     London City Hall, on the Thames River.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


My last post was an essay. A short one I am trying out for a newspaper. I was hoping for comments either you stink or not bad. Thankful one friend did comment. I do write everyday some sort. I am working on a character she is not an easy one to write. My second book is not as easy to write as my first. It seems I have more interruptions now a days. I do hope my two short stories on here are interesting to others. If they are creepy even better. My travels this summer have helped me, it gave me ideas for bits of what I am working on now. My son said I needed a counter so I would stop saying no one reads my blog. Prove him right please. I have worked on my hobby. I have a Halloween Village, I love fall its such a beautiful time of the year.
Well its off to dream land for me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday afternoon on the Thames River.

 Looking southwest along the Thames River, under the Hungerford Bridge at the iconic Big Ben and Parliament.
                                                                London, Great Britain
London is a city to walk. This is my favorite activity in London.  To me the best has always been walking along the Thames River.  This is my favorite activity in London.  When walking up and down the river you have the feeling as if you walking through history. You will see history from the Tudors, Queen Victoria, World War II and today. If you enjoy people watching, you can see and meet people from all over the world. The Westminster area is the center of British government. You see Parliament and Westminster Abby next to each other. Just a short walk over the Westminster Bridge you will be at the London Eye and the London Aquarium.  Along the river, you can sit down to lunch and view history. While enjoying lunch, you can see the street artists. You will also see some truly wonderful chalk paintings of the great masters on the sidewalk. There are also many musicians performing some beautiful Classical music. There are many boats going up and down the river.  Some are ferries or barges and others are tourist boats. I would suggest after a week of touring London and the wonderful sites of Great Britain a relaxing day on the Thames. My last trip was this past September; this is when I took this picture of the River. Sunday afternoon on the river is truly a relaxing way to end viewing an epic country.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pictures of London.

Just a few of the things I did and saw. I miss my walks by the river. If you go walk along the river by Westminster. The view is wonderful and the street artist are great fun. I am now saving to go again soon. Enjoy.


I had a wonderful time in London. Now I need to save up and go again so much too do and see so little time. I suggest you not waste your money on Madame Tussauds it has sadly turned in to a tourist trap. I remember going as child it was so full of wax figures. Not as many now and the place was pack.

Now something new was the London Eye a bit pricey I felt until I did a flight. It was wonderful even on a slightly cloudy you can see so much.

I spent a day at Hampton Court Palace. This palace belonged to Henry the VIII. The gardens were just beautiful. If you can ever visit do. I ate lunch there it was well worth it and not really expensive. The stew was so good it had been a chilly day and the fresh baked bread was great.