Friday, January 21, 2011

Ebook is hard work.

What a week. I have been making sure book is right t's crossed i's dotted as they say. Now its being read to make sure I didn't miss anything. The cover is done with great advice from Natalie Silva designs. I knew there was many fonts but not that many. So now I have to wait until readers have checked my work. I hope to have the book on sale by the first week of February.This has been so daunting and so much hard work. Also thank you so much for your support about this.
I will let you know when Dust of Tombstone is for sale. Trust me I will be tweeting about it like mad. Oh, whats it about? No its not a western as I have said yes it has many ghost. I think you will like them in a creepy way. These ghost kind of go people hunting. It is set in a real town, with real people and trust me the real ones are super nice and way fun. The stories they tell are such good fun. Next week I will post the cover of the book, it is an Ebook never sure how to put it.
What do you like to see in a description of a book? So what question do you have for me about this book I can fill you in on?

The Photo was taken last week by Erich Kirwin.
It's the Birdcage Theater and you can read more about it in my book. Even in the day time its creepy.


  1. I hope you don't get a rushed product out there. I'd be nervous if I didn't think I was ready. I hope your nerves are not shot. Are you going with the photo of the building?

  2. Congratulations - that's a big undertaking. I'll be anxious to see it in print.

  3. No the building is in the book but not the cover. The book has been done now 2yrs, I am just very fussy and hope that the story isn't rubbish. I keep being not to worry, but I do. I like it to be re-read because the last edit wasn't saved and now we have fixed that mess. Son says you need to do now. Today I am relaxing. At some point you have to. Thanks for worrying ;)