Sunday, January 23, 2011

Very cool Short story you must read!

As most of you know the last couple of weeks my attention span has been that of a fruit fly. If it's not what I am doing, I go blank. I found the cure to that. I have a new friend Draven Ames we have been tweeting a while. Anyway he said when you can please read 'Nothingness' his short story of the month. Well after dinner instead of pacing about my son saying are you done yet with that, I read his story. To say it is excellent isn't enough. It holds your attention as well as makes you think. I have to say I am god-smacked by it. The story says a lot about the way we all live and our kids live too. Imagination or lack of being inspired to use it. I think we will being seeing Draven's stories for years to come in the same breath as your favorite writer's. So take the time and read it, follow him on twitter and friend him. I am so pleased I can say he is my friend.

Well news from me, I have been told that I need a photo of Princess and myself for the back cover of my book. I think this is to scare the reader! All joking apart this has been hard for me. I have gone out of my comfort zone so much in the last year. I am a shy person basically but am glad I came out to chat to many on twitter. Thanks for the support and encouragement it is greatly appreciated.

Read Draven's story, OK now tell me what do you think of this story? 


  1. Thank you very much for the cool review Kitty. I can't say anyone has ever said they were 'God-smacked' by anything I've ever written. Makes me get all red around the cheeks. Hopefully you get a few people to check it out.

    Princess is a cutie. You might as well make sure people see you for who you are. They will love your personality and willingness to put yourself out there. But you have to tell your kid to put his money where his mouth is.

    He seems smart and knows what it takes. Tell him we expect a novel's first draft in six months.

    Thanks again Kitty,

    Draven Ames

  2. Your welcome Draven. My son says he is a scientist not a writer. He is always saying you have skills Mum. He is my biggest supporter and keeps me in the 21 century daily. I am good to him because someday he may put me in a home, I want a nice place! LOL