Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book signing, HalloWeiner, Halloween Village & Coffin Blog hop.

The book signing was great. I was lucky enough to meet not one but two twitter friends. The book signing is way out of my comfort zone, I am a shy person. I have no problem chatting people up online, in person its another thing.

I had two posters one will be in Las Vegas to be sold for the charity HalloWiener. Let's be honest short legs rule! Princess wanted to go but it's a bit of a trip from here.

It is the Halloween season, so I have my village up and running. Halloween Village is my hobby I have been collection   it for just about 15 years. It now takes three days to put up. I see no reason to take it down, family has issues with that.

Now coming very soon you can join Coffin Blog Hop many give aways. As they say on telly stay tuned.
I have also started a new project with a friend. We are co-writing a short story. Please wish us luck with it.
Haunted Bedtime Stories would be perfect now with your busy life. It is a collection of short stories. Go check it out. What are you reading?

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  1. Love it. Would like a copy for my kids. Signed Please....