Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welcome to Hampton Court, loads of ghost!


So did you enjoy the 30 minute ride on the train from Waterloo station to Hampton Court? It is one of Henry the 8th favorite Castles well homes. It was built for parties and he did party. You can feel the past brush past  by you as you walk through the place. Now as for me I fancy living here. It is just beautiful in so many ways. Now in the Portrait gallery you my see Katherine running about. She was Henry's 5th wife. He only beheaded 2 wives not all as some think. He took this place from Cardinal Wolsey in exchange for his life, he died anyway on his way to The Tower of London. Henry lied to many about their lives most died. I love the gardens, if you are here again please take the carriage ride through the gardens it is delightful. Now I suggest we eat lunch here. It is reasonable and so good. It's a stew they have made for centuries and homemade bread. Yum.

When you walk through you're so lost in the History you just stare. I hate to take picture's inside many of the priceless tapestries are very fragile. The Royal Embroider's they are here as well. They still do all the work on the Royal families clothes like weddings and such. You can also see where many King and Queens added their own touches. The chapel is lovely with the stars on the ceiling. I like that you can buy seeds here to grow flowers and herbs. The seeds come from the plants here. Sadly I wasn't allowed to return back to America with them. 
This is a beautiful place and you can stay the night here. I plan on it my next trip home. As you can see the clouds are rolling in time to head back to Central London. When you get off at Waterloo Station grab fish and chips from the green box, good price and ever so good. Head back up stairs grab a bench to eat it. Then check out station. Waterloo is haunted in more ways one. The Tube is in the basement and train on top. You can shop here as well. It was built in 1848 and I hear there is a party going on in the cellar. Have a look at a few pictures...

Now if you are going to London go. Don't wait until you can hardly walk. So I am off to collect change in the settee to put in my TARDIS bank for my next trip home.

So Princess tells me we are giving away a sign book of Haunted Bedtime Stories. If you fancy yourself as the winner here is what you need to do. I wrote a blog about an article I wrote on London. So can you tell me where I feel like I am walking through History? Just DM me the answer on twitter by midnight Halloween night PST. Clue Oct. 2010.

Thank you so much for your time. I have had a flu jab and been rough this week and you have all been so kind. Thank you. See again soon. I hope to get to each blog myself. So time for a hop all are good so hop. Coffin hop.


  1. I loved this post.
    I like how you give us virtual tours through old London.
    Thank you for posting and making such a virtual experience seem even more real.
    - Kim
    hopping from "Wrestling the Muse"