Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lets Walk around, London is Epic and Haunted.

Welcome back. I do hope you have your walking shoes on. Well, we are standing on the middle Westminster Bridge near the Houses of Parliament. No thats not Big Ben that is the clock tower Big Ben is the bell. Oh, that man walking under the bridge ignore him and don't go running across the bridge to see him. He is a ghost and never goes out the other side. If you get hit by traffic it will upset your family. Please stay on the walk, this bridge is very busy. Now across the river from the houses of Parliament that is Lambert Palace, whats left of it. You have seen the view from there many times on telly when they do stories about London or Great Britain.

Now the Houses of Parliament it is a must do tour. When I was here with my son last fall we sat in on the House of Commons. You sit in an upper gallery and watch from above. You can feel the centuries of history and law making. Walking through the building you can see the history of the UK unfold. Now is it haunted? Well, depends on who you ask. I say yes you can feel the ghosts watching you. Maybe even Mr. Guy Fawkes, remember the 5th of Nov., just saying. So when you have time take a tour online.....
So lets head back over the bridge to Queens Walk. No, we wont walk all the way to Tower Bridge today lets just hang out here in Westminster or as some say Central London. The Thames River is lovely to walk along and spend time on people watching, eating, and so close to fun things. The London Eye is here and the view is Fab! It's a huge Ferris wheel I love riding it. I took these pictures of my ride.

So lets go sit on the benches and have a cuppa and watch the people. You know many say they feel the ghosts walk by. Behind us is the London Aquarium. I have yet to see inside it. I couldn't tell you why I just never have.  http://bit.ly/u96isV It looks interesting from the online information, here it is next to the London Eye. On the list to see next visit.

So next time I will meet you at Tower Bridge. Wear walking shoes we will walk and have a peek at the Tower of London too. So time to hop I am sure others have a lot to tell you. I suggest Dime Store Novels, Creepy Walker, K. Koning and Jason Darrick/Fear in Words.


  1. London is one of the spookiest towns around! On another note, I just realized that Princess Qweenie lives with you! :)


  2. Love it! I want to go SO badly!

  3. I miss London so badly - I've lived there, and still cannot get over that city. Try The Spaniards pub close to Hampstead's north gate - Mary Shelly, Bram Stocker and many other writers were inspired by the ghosts on the second floor...
    Happy nlog hop and have a great Halloween:)

  4. Love the description and the photos. You make me want to go so badly. My wife and I have wanted to backpack through Europe for a long time.

  5. London was my favorite stop on the WWII tour I took a few years back. The Eye can't be missed!

  6. Thanks for the walking tour, I loved the photos.