Sunday, October 23, 2011

Haunted Coffin Blog Hop


Welcome to my Coffin Blog. 
I was wondering what would you like to read. I like to read about places with hauntings. I thought you may like to read a small bit about Tucson, Arizona, USA. No, I am not from here, I live here now. Well, just a while anyway. 
When you come to Tucson you have a choice of many wonder resorts to stay in. Myself I like to stay some place that's different. One of the oldest hotels here is Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson. The tiles on the floor, the elegant Cooper Hall, Cup Cafe a nice lunch spot. It has concerts, fun bar and ghosts. It is just a beautiful place. The patio is nice to sit on with a cuppa, waiting for a ghosts. I have never seen the ghosts there, but all the more reason to return. I hear there is a lady ghost and a man who looks out the windows. Bring your camera to catch them.  It was built in 1912. It has the feel of the Southwest without being cheap. Not that campy stuff you laugh at along the road. You feel as if you are sitting in the 20's through 40's building. It's very colourful and calm, I like to have lunch there. When you sit in cafe you can feel the past. You can see more here : 

The American desert is dry and dusty. We seem to have a lot of wind which make Haboobs, massive dust storms that cover miles. What happens in these dust storms? For most nothing for many of the characters in my work a lot of bad. I will be giving away Haunted Bedtime Stories e-book. The lucky person will be my 900th follower on twitter. Don't worry you will have a chance to win a signed copy of my book with a bookmark on Halloween. Stay turned, how about next time you meet me here we take a walk. How does London sound? 

So hop to the next blog. 

I suggest  for more spooky good fun. 


  1. Love it! Makes me want to go to Tucson just to see the hotel since I feel like I've been there by reading this. :D

  2. Thank you, now put you're walking shoes on Wednesday I am taking you for a walk in London, UK.

  3. Oooh I love haunted places...MMmh makes me want to visit there...Great post!

  4. I love the southwest and my mom had a creepy ghost encounter while she was (I think) in Tucson while on a business trip. I've always wanted to write a story about it. Your blog is beautiful!

    Have a happy Halloween and a fun Coffin Hop!


  5. I love ghosts! Glad to have found this place.
    ~Vanessa Morgan

  6. London sounds perfect. :) That city has many, many ghosts ... though not so many as Venice. Wonderful to meet you!

  7. Creepy! I'm in Az also and the vast areas of desert and deserted land (not to mention old ghost towns) offer up a lot if spookiness. I've been to Tucson maybe once and didn't realize there were creepy hotels around there!

    Great to meet you via the hop! Your book sounds awesome btw. :-D

  8. Hey doll! I am sold on Hotel Congress next time I make it to AZ. Just make sure I get the Tardis mug when I come by for tea luv.

    Wicked good fun Hopping with you, my dear.


  9. The Ghost Adventures crew went there didn't they? That sounds familiar, I feel like I've seen something about it.

    I don't love ghosts. They freak me out. Worse then zombies because you can't see them. But at least they don't eat your brains. :)

  10. Hello and Happy Halloween! Have a creepy Coffin Hop as well.

  11. I love ghosts. Pics make me wish I lived in London - was in AZ for 20 years.
    Happy Holloween