Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Web sites and Writing

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in America. Its Thanksgiving week here in America. I am really not that in to it. I will make a small turkey for my family. No I wont be out crazy shopping on Black Friday either. I am going to stay home and write.
I have met a guy who does great websites so if you need one please give him a e-mail. I have seen his work and all I can say is WOW! Now when I can afford do have one built I am calling him. you can reach him at infor at liveparanormal dot com. So you need a site e-mail him. Any way he is a cool follow also on twitter.
I have been doing some thinking about a Novella for next fall. I have met a few really good writers on twitter and a few in mind. Each of us write our story in our own scary way. I have seen such books in England and they work so well. So would you like a book with three stories from three writers?

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