Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not enough writing.

Thank you everyone who so kindly reads my blog. Its hard for me to write I am a bit shy in real life. Well my Son is now taking great interest in my work. He informed me I needed a Fan Page on Facebook.Which he made and a Facebook page for the Princess. He will also do Photography for my work, he is really so good at it. Also he offered to do some editing and help me with e-book things. He is helping which is nice, scary, but nice. I can see him being my boss, that's what scares me. He also put two of my short stories on the fan page. He is still showing me how it all works. I thought I was doing well with a blog LOL.
I was also reminded by my son that the books weren't all mine that were ate by termites. I do have a family, members who say, they just want to be invisible. Whisper they really are nice too.
I had my flu shot today so this week this is all the writing I have done, so far. But boy do I have a few ideas in my little head. So tomorrow my Dragon is going to be installed and I plan to write all day. That being said...
We will have a small Thanksgiving dinner we really aren't big on it here. I call it the pig out, pass out day for America. I always feel guilty if I over eat. Its so sad so many in this world don't eat well or at all. I buy baby food for food drives every year. I hate to think of some child starving here. Its gutting to me that its the 21st Century and we still have so much poverty all over the world. So if you can afford to please give to you local food banks. I also buy nappy's/diapers and baby bottom wipes. Any small amount helps.
I am such a lucky person with a great family who supports me and a wonderful Princess dog. Off my soap box. I would like to hear what do you do to help others?


  1. Good blog post again. I hope your son keeps helping out. Perhaps he could start a blog himself, about the stuff he is doing for you and what he thinks about you and the work. It is great that you have someone like him helping you.

    It is good that you help your community like that. We have bought gifts and donated them almost every year, donated large amounts of food and always add the money to our bill at the grocery stores to help people. We never pass a person on the side of the street, if we have a dollar or water. Small things that add up.

    We've taken our kids to soup kitchens and such before, as well.

  2. Thanks Draven, your good soul. I just knew you were. Love your blog its great.