Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Morning coffee and Thinking

This blog is about what I do. I write and travel some. Most of the time lately I have been thinking. I have watched others do well and struggle like I do. I am going to find out if I can turn my first book 'Dust of Tombstone' in to an e-book.
 I think the stress of trying to get an agent and traditional publishing has slowed me down on writing my second book. I can not spend all day sending out letters and never hearing a word back. I once tried outside the box it was a failure too. I don't think I am a failure I think I am just one of many who get over looked. If we were all silly chat show host we could get book deals out our ears.
I have two things in the works and have been told those are great ideas. The one idea that won't leave my head is about ghost. I was asked if I believed in ghost recently I said yes why? No answer. I grew up in the UK and as a kid one house I lived in we had a lady ghost. She was beautiful to me, I didn't know until much older she was from the 1700s. She appeared when I would lay on my stomach in front of the fireplace in my room and read. She would just smile and nod her head. After all a lady from 1700s would encourage a girl to read and learn, most even gentry were uneducated.
Let me know how you are and what you think about my blog. So do you believe in ghost?

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  1. I definitely believe in ghosts however I have never seen one or anything. Ghost stories fascinate me and I would love to have a real encounter. I'd like to know what ghosts are and if everyone becomes a ghost or just some. So many ghost questions...