Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well I seem to get little time to do my writing this week. It seems everyone needs me to do this or that. Also I need to look at the formating for Kindle, that is one of a few. My help is playing with my Princess. I agree she is more fun than I am now.
This past weekend I ordered Dragon software for my computer so I can write faster. Can't wait until its here. It was 100$ at Best Buys but my dear friend told me to look at QVC, it was 59$ on their site. Anytime I save money I am a happy lady. Funny thing she talks about the Telly station so much. On my trip to London in September we drove pass the UK one on the way to the Airport! I had to take a picture of it for her, the driver so nice laughed. He said my Misses saw that in New York last year we go every year to see the Macy's Parade. Got to love fun drivers when you travel. He was real nice and pointed out things to my son on the way to Heathrow. I was wondering do you chat up your Taxi drivers when you travel about?



  1. I love to chat up my taxi driver. It is the only thing that keeps my eyes off of their horrible driving. Is the software you ordered for talking to type?

  2. You should see the cost of a taxi in London yikes. Now thats true horror. Yes its the new one and I can walk around & use it. So now Princess can hear me talk all day. LOL