Sunday, November 28, 2010

NaNo Missed it.

Well I am kicking myself I didn't do NaNo. I know always next year. Now if I had a staff to all the things needed done around here. LOL
We had a great Thanksgiving here. No over eating or turkey comas. Just some nice family time and we got our closets cleaned out. I had some things to go to charity. My family has things they haven't used in forever and hard for them to part with. I feel if I don't use it someone else will. I am not one to hold on to things forever. I just hold on to the loved ones forever.
Well I have a few short stories hanging out in my brain. I will get them on paper/computer this week as I wait. I get so much done waiting on appointments. Dr.s offices are a great place to write you have to wait, after all what Dr. is ever on time. Mine I can count on a good hour wait.
I saw this new show on A&E  The Ghost Prophecies this evening. The team was in New Mexico one of my favorite states to visit. I know many think of ghost in castles, but here in America are so many ghost too. Yes younger than those in Europe but none the less ghost.
So let me know. Do you like ghost stories based on true stories? Do you think ghost will hurt you?

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